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[/vc_column_text][vc_row_inner][vc_column_inner][vc_column_text]WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems (CMS) on the internet today. According to a study conducted by W3Techs, 43.2% of all websites use WordPress in 2022, up from 39.5% in 2021. That’s more than two out of every five websites! WordPress is used across a wide range of industries and businesses, from small local “brick and mortar” companies to large Fortune 500 corporations like Adobe, Facebook, Google, Playstation, and Sony Music.

For businesses looking for an easy-to-use and powerful CMS for their website, WordPress is the ideal platform. However, managing a WordPress site can be time consuming and require expertise that some businesses don’t have. That’s where G-Net Consulting can help. Our experienced team specializes in WordPress development services – from installation and customization to optimization and social media integration – so you can get up-and-running quickly with a website tailored specifically for your business needs!

Some WordPress Service that we provide:

WordPress Installation: Is the perfect way to get your website up and running quickly. With our easy installation process, you can have a powerful and feature-rich website in no time. WordPress is the biggest and most popular content management system (CMS) that you can use to build blogs, small business websites, portfolios, ecommerce sites and more. It offers a great user experience with its intuitive interface while giving developers more control over the design of their sites. With WordPress, you’ll have a powerful website that’s search engine optimized so your visitors will find you easily. 

Theme Installation and Customization: Our developers are experts in theme installation and customization, allowing them to create a website that is uniquely tailored to your needs. They can customize any element of the theme including colors, fonts, layouts, and functionality. Our developers take pride in ensuring that every detail is perfect before launching your customized site. We guarantee that all of the coding done by our developers will be clean and optimized for maximum performance, so you know your site will run smoothly. 

Custom Theme Development: Take control of your website’s design with custom-built themes, created just for you. Custom theme development helps to ensure that the design of your website is unique and tailored to your specific needs and goals. With a custom-built theme, you can choose colors, fonts, layouts, and more to create a cohesive look that matches the overall feel and style of your business. You also have complete control over how content is displayed on each page—from images and text to background elements or interactive features. We can also create customized themes that are optimized for search engine optimization (SEO) so you can get maximum visibility on the web without sacrificing your branding or design.

Plugin Installation and Configuration: can be undertaken quickly and accurately, with a selection of the highest quality plugins available from leading developers. Our plugins are easy to install, allowing users to start taking advantage of their features in no time. The configuration process is designed to be straightforward and flexible, allowing users to tailor the plugin settings to meet their specific needs. We employ rigorous testing procedures to ensure only the most reliable plugins make it into our catalogue, giving you peace of mind that whatever plugins you choose will bring great value for your business.

Custom Plugin Development: No plugin quite meets your needs? Custom plugin development is a great way to customize your software and get the exact features you need without unnecessary add-ons. Our team of expert developers are skilled at creating custom plugins tailored specifically to meet your individual needs. We understand that each business has different requirements, so our approach makes sure that only the features you require are included in the plugin, leaving out any extra “bloat”. 

WordPress Optimization: is essential for keeping your website running optimally. By ensuring all components are in working order, you can avoid technical glitches and ensure faster loading times. Regular optimization also allows you to make sure your website is up-to-date with the latest security measures, which can protect your site from malicious attacks.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): is a crucial part of digital marketing that helps website owners make sure their content can be found on search engines. SEO involves optimizing titles, tags, links, images and other elements of a website to follow best practices in order to increase its visibility in search engine results. This includes researching popular keywords and creating keyword-rich content that draws organic traffic, optimizing meta titles and descriptions for each page, and interlinking pages within a website so that visitors can easily find related content. Additionally, proper image optimization can help ensure faster loading times for your site, which helps with overall user experience as well as SEO rankings.

Social Media Integration: WordPress sites can easily be integrated with social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, allowing users to share content from their website directly to these platforms. By using the WordPress integration toolset, users can post updates automatically or manually, without having to leave their website. This feature allows users to quickly and efficiently disseminate information to their followers on social media, increasing reach and engagement with their target audience. Additionally, using the integration toolset allows users to customize link formatting for social posts, making it easier for viewers to click through and view the original post or page on the WordPress site.

WordPress Hosting & Security: At G-Net Consulting, we understand the importance of a reliable and secure WordPress hosting solution for your website. That’s why our cloud-based servers are specifically configured to ensure your WordPress site runs optimally with no interruptions or slowdowns. Our team of experts provides updates, backups and any other necessary services to keep your site running smoothly and efficiently with all the latest features. We also provide top-notch security measures such as firewalls, malware scanning, protection from DDOS attacks and SSL encryption so you can rest easy knowing that your WordPress site is safe.

WordPress 1:1 Training for Small Businesses: G-net consulting is an experienced technology service provider that specializes in providing tailored solutions to small businesses. Our WordPress 1:1 Training program is designed to help small business owners get the most out of their WordPress site. From planning and design, through to content creation and management, G-net consulting provides a comprehensive approach to mastering the basics of WordPress. Our experts will guide you step by step on how to best use the platform for your business needs. We offer personalized one-on-one coaching sessions with our team of highly knowledgeable professionals who will be able to answer all your questions and provide valuable insights on how to optimize your WordPress site for success. With our WordPress 1:1 Training program, you can rest assured that your website will be up and running quickly with maximum efficiency.

We’ll work closely with you to ensure that we meet your exact specifications when installing or configuring any themes or plugins on your site. We also offer plugin compatibility testing services to ensure that everything works together smoothly without any conflicts before going live with your website. Our developers are well versed in best practices for SEO optimization too so we can make sure that your website follows all necessary guidelines for search engine indexing and ranking higher in results pages. And finally, our integrations toolset makes it easier than ever to keep your website connected with all major social media platforms like Twitter or Facebook by allowing you to post updates automatically or manually from within the WordPress dashboard itself!

WordPress is the perfect choice for businesses of all sizes, from small startups to large corporations. With its powerful content management system and wide range of plugins, you can make sure that your website looks great, performs well, and meets all your needs. But what if you don’t have the time or expertise to manage a WordPress site on your own? That’s where G-Net Consulting comes in. Our experienced team of developers specialize in WordPress development services – from installation and customization to optimization and social media integration – so you can get up-and-running quickly with a website tailored specifically for you![/vc_column_text][vc_column_text el_class=”quote”]What is your experience? If you don’t know how your visitors experience your site, you need to know.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column_inner][/vc_row_inner][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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