Web Hosting


So, you have a new website, and now you need a place to host it. There are 10’s of 1,000’s of companies that offer this service. Most likely even the place you purchased your domain offers the ability for you to host your website with them. So why should you choose G-Net Consulting for your web hosting needs?

Simple. We offer support – period!

Our web hosting servers are monitored 24/7. We are in constant contact with our servers and are alerted immediately if there’s an issue. This allows us to diagnose and work on the issue, usually before you are even aware of it. As it is an issue we handle, we are on it.

Our web hosting services run on CentOS Linux, an open-source operating system that allows everyone to keep costs down. CentOS is also extremely powerful and very secure. So, when you choose G-Net Consulting for your web hosting needs, you know that your site will be handled and supported with the utmost care.

What is your experience? If you don’t know how your visitors experience your site, you need to know.