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    What areas are we targeting? (where does the bulk of your ideal audience live?)

    Describe your audience in detail? (include MAIN audience and then any sub/smaller audiences)

    Who are your main competitors/similar businesses? (Please list website URLs)

    What do you specialize in? What makes you different from your competition?

    What is the main purpose of your website? (to well things, inform people, drives sales to products/services, to teach people something)

    Which actions on the site are most important to you? Is it webinar sign-ups, freebie downloads, free trail, newsletter sign up, form submits, or something else?

    What products/services do you want to be showcased? (If you have a few, please list by priority and who the target audience is)

    Share your perspective on possible keyword targets. Are there certain terms you think would work particularly well? What keywords/phrases would you ideal customer going to type into Google in order to find you?

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    If you have a Google Analytics AND/OR a Google Search Console account: I need you to add my email [email protected], and set me as an admin user so that I can view your data.