The Drink Docker

The Drink Docker approached us several years ago about doing some updates to their site. Their original developer had moved, and they needed someone local who could help with their site. They called us to discuss their needs.

We first moved the web hosting of their website to our server, and then made the updates they needed. Then they asked for some SEO work to be done. We did the research to find keywords and phrases that would work for them, and updated the site accordingly, along with the countless other steps related to doing proper search engine optimization.

Later in 2013 they then approached us about updating the site’s web design. The original site was getting quite old. So we worked up a new design, using some of the more recent items sites are looking for. We moved them to the Drupal CMS, and utilized a new, beautiful design to match their needs and audience. We then added a slide show to the home, using high quality photos to push the product.

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View the full website here: The Drink Docker