Dynamically Disable Required WordPress Contact Form 7 Form Fields

I was recently working on a WordPress form that uses the Contact Form 7 plug-in to build out the form. The client reached out and wanted a new checkbox that, when checked, would make certain fields display and mark them as required. When not checked, they wouldn’t be required or display to be filled in. Here’s the solution I came up with.

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Using PHP To Determine SOAP Web Service Parameters

SOAP has been described by many as an easy way to build and consume web services. Up until yesterday, my opinion of that was greatly different. One 3 separate projects, we had found 2 different ways to get it to work properly, none of them the same. On 2 we resorted to using cURL and posting them ourselves! Yikes!

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Hide WordPress Admin Links In Code

Recently on a project the client asked to be able to post testimonials on their site. Normally we install the Testimonials Widget, as it gives us a lot of flexibility, has short codes so we can add to different pages and categorize them, and more. So, in this case, we did, as well, and added a few for them for their approval.

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