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Useful Programs for Windows Development

This list is simply here to help my feeble mind remember where I got certain programs that I use almost daily in my web design and application development activities. Maybe they will help some other people too!

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PhoneGap Tutorials, Guides, Walk-Thrus and Snippets

Here are some links I have found extremely useful in my introduction to Phonegap.

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Setup PhoneGap and Android Development on Windows

PhoneGap logo

This guide will help you install Node.js, PhoneGap, Cordova, Ant, the Java SDK, and the Android SDK on your Windows PC to develop PhoneGap apps for the Android platform.

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Calculate Difference In Dates/Elapsed Time with PHP DateTime Class

We are working on a web-based app that displays posts from various sources across the Internet. Since we grab the timestamp of the post, we thought it would be nice to display the age of the post with it (the time elapsed since the post was created). Here’s the solution we came up with.

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UPDATE: Install wkhtmltopdf On CentOS 6.5

In a previous I discussed a way to install wkhtmltopdf on CentOS 6.5 server. To my knowledge, that way will still work, but I have found an even easier way.

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CentOS Linux Guides and Walk-Thrus

This page is simply meant to be a one-stop page for me to collect and remember various tutorials and walk-thrus I have needed for CentOS Linux. I often forget how to do certain things after a long time has passed, so this helps me remember. I hope it helps others, as well.

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